Get ready for year of the pig 2019 – happy chinese new year

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated from Friday, February 05, 2019. An important moment in the Asian culture (China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand …), where party, gastronomy and family spirit are at the rendezvous.


Celebrate spring!

The Chinese New Year is also know by the Spring Festival 2019. Originally an agricultural festival, the beginning of spring is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year. Throwing firecrackers would be a way of celebrating it, and the splinters of these firecrackers would drive out the demons. At the sound of firecrackers, we pray peace and happiness. Even if in France the winter should extend for many more weeks, here is how the renewal can take place more quickly, at least in our minds!

Party for 15 days

Unlike the New Year in France, which comes down to New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the Chinese New Year holiday takes place over 15 days from the new moon to the Lantern Festival (corresponding to the first full moon of the year).

Every year its sign: after the Year of the Dog in 2018, we will spend February 05, 2019 in the year of the Earth Pig, Chinese astro sign which symbolizes the pugnacity and the ambition, a year of projects and of realizations. The year of the Dog will end on February 4, 2019 and will give way to the sign of the Pig of Earth.

Discover new flavors

What do you eat on this occasion? : meat and especially fish, synonymous with profusion. We eat noodles because their length represents longevity, bamboo, because green is in this culture the sign of youth. After the soup, the cake of the year (rice filled with red beans) is tasted to bring luck and prosperity. This is a way of feeding with poetry.

To disguise oneself !

Where to celebrate Chinese New Year? Being the equivalent of Christmas in France, it is for Asian people the opportunity to reunite the family and to give oneself gifts. As every year, parades are organized in the districts of the 3rd and 13th district of Paris at others, where we attend a festive and colorful parade, full of dances, dragoons and lions.

What are the peculiarities of the Chinese New Year?

The main feature of the Chinese New Year 2019 is that it does not happen on a specific date. It depends entirely on the moon and the sun and falls every year between January 21st and February 19th. As you know, each year is associated with a Chinese zodiac sign, an animal, and there are 12 of them in total. This year, it’s the Dog’s turn to be honored!

As we celebrate New Year’s Eve, Chinese people are celebrating the New Year for 15 consecutive days. During this period, you may have noticed that red is omnipresent … and it is not a coincidence because this color symbolizes luck. The popular dragon dance is the symbol of happiness and prosperity.

As for food, the dishes eaten the day before have their own symbolism: ravioli bring good luck, chicken ensures health, while rice cake brings wealth.

Traditional dishes

It all starts on New Year’s Eve, when the family comes together to feast on specially made Christmas food. Some dishes are prepared up to a week in advance. Typical dishes include:

ravioli with meat in which can be found a coin supposed to bring fortune to the one who falls on it;
fried noodles appreciated for their length symbolizing longevity;
a whole fish, symbol of abundance, the word abundance 裕 yù having a pronunciation very close to 鱼 yú, the fish;
shrimps, their displacement in their natural environment symbolizing vitality;
green vegetables including long leaves symbol of the family unit;
from the Chinese fondue, a fragrant broth in which diners dive meat, seafood and different vegetables, symbol of friendly sharing and friendship.
a “New Year’s cake”, made from sweet rice flour, as well as clementines, both of which symbolize prosperity.

Cult of ancestors

On the first day of the year, the tribute to the ancestors is even more “sacred”. The family members present a multitude of dishes, salty as sweet, fruit and wine, symbol of abundance and sacrifice, and pray before the altar of the ancestors by lighting incense and red candles. It is a way to show their gratitude to the ancestors and ask them for protection and kindness for the coming year.

For believers, temple prayers are observed.

Red everywhere

Red is the lucky color par excellence for the Chinese because symbol of prosperity and happiness. That is why the Chinese like to wear a red garment, decorate their interior with red lanterns, stick on their doors red banners on which are written greetings written in Chinese ink.

Horoscope 2019 for every zodiac sign

Horoscope 2019 for each zodiac. How to live with love, money, health and career in the new year

We will see many changes in the lives of natives, some of them more beneficial, others that will give a little life over the head.

The stars have prepared a challenging year in which the world will change. The financial and banking sector, the political world and the big organizations will be the most affected. Personally, each sign will have his “luck”, but also moments of crisis and challenges that will transform natives and change their destiny.

For some natives, 2019 will mean money, peace, opportunities and love. Others will find themselves in a position to change something in their relationship, and for some who are still alone, the new year can bring the love they have been waiting for for a long time.

Jupiter and Saturn go into retrograde movements this year, and this can upset some natives.

Retrograde Saturn warns the signs that crucial decisions need to be postponed, and that they need to be thirsty if they are faced with change.

Jupiter’s retrogradation brings trips, trips and some changes to the workplace. Some of the signs see themselves as being able to reconsider some aspects of their lives.

Sentimental life can be challenged for some natives, especially during the summer months. The impasse in the relationship with the loved one can be overcome through dialogue and not by aggressive attitude.

Events are fast following this year, and in the lives of some will be moments when they will move from ecstasy to agony and vice versa. Some should take care of finances, not engage in unnecessary spending.

In terms of health, there are not great crowds, but asthren warn, however, about changing lifestyle, especially for those who have become sedentary.

Horoscope 2019 Aries

Horoscope2019.Guru says that year 2019 will bring you money, peace, opportunities and love. But none of them will come without fighting. That means there will be some challenges to overcome certain problems.

While you will have to try hard to reach your goals, the results of the efforts would seem satisfactory at the end. It looks like this year you will make some life-defining decisions that could change the course of events. This could also involve some sacrifices in your personal life, to make a bigger and clearer picture of what you know to do.

Saturn and Jupiter seem to bless you in particular, but that also means that you have to balance your luck and hard work.

Career sector is particularly promising this year. You may gain new skills to help you climb the stairs and gain fame and reputation, while at the same time opening up new income opportunities.

However, you may feel the lack of peace on the internal front, especially because there will not be much time to sort things out. Just as you would be away most of the time because of your professional efforts.

In the first two months of the year there is a possibility of a sudden accident, which indicates the need to adopt a prudent approach in life. Between March and July, you may have unexpected spending, which may cause some concerns.

The period from April to September 2019 could mark some essential changes in life. You may rethink your strategies and scope, or think about reviving an old business idea or a career perspective you’ve been interested in in the past.

This period may also bring some fluctuations in revenue patterns, but overall you will do well. However, it is not the right time to launch a new business.

The period from May to November 2019 will prove to be a game changer for you in your career. A lot of fame and opportunities will fall into your lap, but you have to be very selective and attentive to the offers you consider right now.

Generally speaking, your 2019 horoscope shows positive trends, and the overall message for the coming year is prudent.

Horoscope 2019 Taurus

Do you long for that feeling that you have no care or burden in your life? 2018 shows you such moments, absolutely happy.

From a mental point of view, you will feel much better and release the emotional luggage that overwhelmed you. But not everything is pink this year. You will have a fair share of obstacles that you need to be prepared for.

As this year begins, the aggressive instinct can rise. You may end up affecting relationships and it would be a good idea to keep anger in control.

Horoscope 2019 Gemini

For Gemini, 2019 comes with abundant energy and positive vibration. You have never felt so prepared to set your resolutions in speed! The chances of meeting new opportunities and getting lucky are very high. But at the same time there will be competition and many challenges.

This year, you will have more compassion and you will be interested in social work opportunities and volunteer activities.

However, Rahu, the head of dragons in house 2 may give you a false speech and a tendency to make commitments that you can not fulfill. It would be a good idea to think twice before promising someone to accept deadlines.

Horoscope 2019 Cancer

2019 welcomes you with much optimism and hope. The dominant theme of the year is confusion and this is what you need to work consistently. While there will be opportunities, you have to keep your tensions, controlled emotions and realistic expectations. As long as you follow this mantra, you will do well in materializing the opportunities.

Rahu, the head of the dragon placed in the moon sign in 2019, will cause mental suffering and perplexity in life. But remember, beyond the confusion lies positivity and clarity. This year, the planets order you to go forward with confidence and hope. The most important thing is that you will have the courage to fight. Together with the challenges, you will also have opportunities. Now it’s in your hands what you want to focus on. If you focus on the latter, it will be a huge increase for you this year.

The 2019 horoscope shows that your skills will prove to be rewarding.

Horoscope for February for each sign of the zodiac

Do not continue traveling this month without first knowing what the zodiac stars predict for you. Astrologer Alicia Contursi did a study of the sky and made predictions for the shortest month of the year. Enter the note and see what destiny holds.


– Born between March 20 and April 20.
A month with many initiatives, where you will recover from energy drops and lack of motivation. From day 3, she has the visit of Venus, the psychoastral force of love, good interpersonal relationships and emotional life. Your magnetism will be increased throughout the month. Great capacity for attraction and seduction and skills for conquest. Good mood and joy of living. Around the 17 strong inclination to happily finalize affective commitments.

Good time for formalizations. Excellent action energy from 4 onwards. Good for sports, physical activities and sex life. It will be time to take back work or face activities that require strength and strength. Until the 18th will live good opportunities in your life of social relationship and you can spend very good times with your friends. Increasing optimism and good opportunities to display your ingenuity. In economic matters, sales, movement of money, studies, presentations, short trips and social communication, you must wait until the 14th so that obstacles and delays disappear. Also to overcome an inclination to make mistakes and mistakes.

From that date on excellent concretions, good business and agility in the proceedings. Open possibility for long trips. Advances in judicial matters. Deep changes for those born in the first deanery (21 to March 31) Psychological competence and situations of personal domination. For those of the third (born from April 10 to 20) great inspiration and intuitions.


Born between April 20 and May 20
Conflicting moment of the year in which he must control his strong temper and frequent bursts of bull. Impatience, arrogance and intolerance can complicate or generate greater difficulties. The key: to restrain the impulses and to work tolerance and respect for the actions and the will of the other. Until the 14th you can move easily and positively in economic matters, sales and money issues.

Take advantage to carry out procedures and to perform diligences, give exams or make presentations. After the 14 tendency to mistakes or distractions that can complicate it in these matters. From the 14th to the 18th critical moment of professional or work complications that will not be solved through dialogue. Refrain so as not to go over and postpone decisions. From the 18th onwards, the matters that it carries forward will flow unhindered. Good opportunities in your social life and with friends. The love life and affective relationships will be in a moment of inner transformation and will not be shown exhaustively.

Tendency to loves not confessed or not publicly manifested. Indoor diving and search for peace. Those of the first deanery (born between April 20 and 30) are living processes of positive and deep inner renewal and spiritual, religious, artistic or philosophical search. The second (from May 1 to 10) sudden changes that will open new opportunities and change in social relationships. The third (May 11 to 21) tendency to self-deception or utopian searches.


Born between May 20 and June 21
Up to the privileged 18 days: great energy, clarity of goals and objectives, happy facts, possibility of travel, good opportunities, general protection against major ills, exalted spirit, enthusiasm and mental positivity.

Good luck and happy facts. The sustained energy, its good use and control will continue throughout the month. In matters of love and emotional relationships, very good time. Joy, good mood and well-being. Tendency to variation and lack of commitment. His need to experience different relationships and explore new possibilities will lead him not to commit and permanently prioritize his freedom and autonomy.

Avoid problems Danger of dissipation and diversification of energies and purposes. From the 14 awakened intelligence, sharp mind and increased critical capacity. From the 14th to the 18th, take the opportunity to complete sales, business, contract signatures, agreements and legal proceedings. The 17 decisive and cutting actions will benefit you. From the 18th, obstacles will appear in their plans; You can overcome them with intelligence and luck. 21, 22 and 23 lucky facts and good concretions. 24 and 25 postpone important commitments.

Those of the first deanery (born between 10 and 30 May) are the most fortunate, optimistic and graceful. The second (from June 1 to June 10) the most mobilized by unforeseen events and burdens of great responsibility, with emotional ups and downs. The third (from June 11 to 21) the most inspired, creative and intuitive.


Born from June 21 to July 22
It will be a month with greater energy serenity and absence of confrontations due to impatience. But they are moving very deep forces that will transform their lives in a structural way. They are long processes.

Until the 14th, you must be careful and careful not to make mistakes, mistakes or carelessness that may harm you in practical life, money, paperwork, diligences, removals, short trips and studies. Tendency to distraction and haste to draw conclusions. Avoid arguments, especially for theoretical issues or past situations. After that date the investments and the money of the spouse or partner will be favored. From the 18th you will enter a very positive period of increase of personal energy, sensitivity and emotion, with a greater clarification of goals and objectives. Recovery of forces. Increased vitality and health.

Excellent for undertaking activities from the 25th. Throughout the month Venus will increase personal magnetism and the desire to relate but will not always conclude favorably. Situations of affective discontent or unresolved expectations will be created. This applies to the area of ​​family and social affections and especially in relationship matters. Those of the first deanery (born from June 21 to 30) will have to face and resolve deep questions in their interpersonal relationships and will have a great increase in the perception of their problems.

Those of the second deanery (from June 1 to 10) will receive recognition for their actions and will see their lives renewed positively. Go to and read the horoscope for all zodiac signs.

Yearly astrology predictions for 2018

Aries 2018 Horoscope

2018 will be a year full of triumphs for you if you are Aries. In sentimental terrain you will suffer a disappointment of love at the beginning of the year, but you will not be caught by surprise. You have been rethinking the relationship with your partner for a long time and you know that there is nothing healthy between you. You will take the step of ending the relationship, but do not worry, very soon you will recover and in the middle of the year you will be ready to fall in love again. Plus, you’ll look prettier than ever and you’ll have thousands of pretenders hanging around you. In the workplace you will be somewhat unhappy and burdened at work. Each time you will be assigned new tasks and the relationship with your bosses and your peers will not be entirely good. No matter how hard you try to give the best of yourself, you will have the feeling that no one values ​​it and this will frustrate you. Perhaps the middle of the year is the time to consider changing jobs and, no doubt, successes will begin to reach everywhere! As far as the family is concerned, you will have a year full of ups and downs. During the first few months you will be a little irascible and, of course, you will end up paying with who less deserves it. You will have to learn to reconsider and ask for forgiveness. Soon things will change and you will be closer than ever to your parents and your brothers.

In 2018 the Taurus will live a year full of surprises. In the realm of love, a person who was very special to you in the past will appear in your life to revolutionize it completely. You will have to think about it very well, but it is possible that what did not work in his day, now makes you incredibly happy. You will end the year in style: your relationship will be perfect and the sexual complicity incredible. Seize it! In the labor field, you will start the year with completely renewed airs. Yes, you will change your job and it will be the best decision you could make in a long time. At first it will cost you a little adaptation, but as soon as you get the trick to the tasks and the new compis, there will be no one to stop you! With your family you will experience a little of everything, there are months that you will not be able to separate from them and others in which you will want to be a thousand kilometers away. Try to find some balance!

Gemini Horoscope 2018

A roller coaster is what the Gemini people will experience this 2018. In sentimental terrain you should leave the jealousy aside if you do not want your partner to end up getting tired. He will only have eyes for you and you will not stop reproaching things that have not even happened. If you stop assembling stories in your head and appreciate a little more, at the end of the year your relationship will recover complicity to such an extent that you will consider going a step further. Will you live together? Wedding? Children? In the workplace, a few misunderstandings will cause your boss to take action. Do not worry, they will not fire you, but you do have to be more careful and be more responsible with what you do. Buy yourself an agenda to organize your day-to-day tasks and do not forget to deliver them on time. As for the family you will be more united than ever to your sister, you will go through a very delicate moment in your life and you will need your support a lot. Try to show her how much you love her with little details! Thank you!

Cancer Horoscope 2018

If you are Cancer, hold on tight because curves come! Love will flutter like never before for your life earlier this year. You will be super happy next to your boyfriend / partner / husband, although we regret to say that everything will not be good. Sometimes you become involved with the idea that such happiness can not last forever and you will believe that something bad will happen from one moment to another. Forget this thought! Your boy is completely in love with you and there will be no hurricane or earthquake that can destroy your feelings. At work you will have a lot of interesting proposals and projects that you should not refuse, they can bring you very positive things to your life and what is more important: more income to your checking account! In the family, you will look for ideas to surprise your grandmother. She has cared for you since she was a child and it is time for you to reward her with a nice touch. Remember that many times you do not need anything to prove to someone you love. For virgo, libra, scorpio, saggitarius, capricorn, aquarius and pisces visit .

Leo 2018 Horoscope

Optimism will be the word that defines the Leo 2018. If you belong to this group, you must be aware that this year you have to take stock. You will have to look back and think about everything you have experienced with your partner. You have survived moments that you thought would kill your relationship, but you have also experienced unique moments. The goal of all this is to value what good or bad you have done and learn from it. Thanks to this reflection you can live the best year of your life with your boyfriend. In the workplace, you will have to make a difficult decision. Although you have always been a determined person, in this case it will cost you much to take the step. Think with your head and do not act on impulse! In the family arena, the fights will be the order of the day in your house and you will have to be the one that mediates in the middle of the brawls. Quiet, at the end of the year the atmosphere will be relaxed.

chinese astrology – 2018 it’s the year of the dog

Your date of birth indicates that you are a pig. The Pig is the twelfth animal in the Chinese zodiac and means compassionate and generous people. Your Chinese horoscope indicates that you have great concentration; you can set a goal and achieve it with a balanced mental state. Your Pig energy will be present in all aspects of life during the year of the Monkey. Let’s focus on peace, harmony and compassion in 2018.

Your date of birth indicates that you are a pig. The Pig is the twelfth animal in the Chinese zodiac and means compassionate and generous people. Your Chinese horoscope indicates that you have great concentration; you can set a goal and achieve it with a balanced mental state. Your Pig energy will be present in all aspects of life during the year of the Monkey. Let’s focus on peace, harmony and compassion in 2018.

love chinese horoscope

Your Chinese horoscope sign indicates that you prefer to be gentle and calm and good-hearted towards others. You dislike arguments and are kind to your loved ones. Keep in mind, do not suppress your feelings. Stay in touch with your feelings, observe them and communicate in a wise way. This will ensure that you connect to a deeper level. Do what you love and love what you do. Benefit from the wisdom that Chinese astrology brings you with love in 2018.

The sign of the Pig horoscope indicates ambitious people who tend to be good at dealing with colleagues and other business relationships. Pigs tend to receive the help of others when faced with a challenge. Appreciate the efforts of your colleagues. If the Pig is able to step back and look at the big picture before making important decisions great things are going to happen. Find out how your Chinese career horoscope will work for you in 2018!

Chinese Horoscope 2018 – Year of the dog

This horoscope tries to give you more ideas about yourself in the Year of the Dog. Since the Dog represents ambition you should focus on achieving your goals in 2018. Make realistic plans for 2018 that are not only beneficial to yourself but also have a positive influence on your surroundings. This mental creation is very important since everything is created twice. After this mental creation you will need discipline and effort to accomplish your goals. Use the Yang energy of the Dog, which is vibrant and powerful to do this. Do not lose sight of the Ying energy that is necessary to express your humility, nobility and compassion to others.

Your free Chinese horoscope for 2018 gives you to consider focusing on:

more love and patience towards oneself and others.
delighting in the happiness of others, participating in charity, as well as helping others when necessary.
The attainment of your intentions through the application of discipline.

As stated above, this Chinese horoscope for 2018 does not give predictable future predictions for next year. Advice should be seen as guidelines for 2018, signs that will help you discover who you really are. On you will find all you need about the chinese zodiac 2018.

Do not know what is your Chinese zodiac sign? Get it right here by entering your date of birth.

Your Chinese horoscope sign indicates that you prefer to be gentle and calm and good-hearted towards others. You dislike arguments and are kind to your loved ones. Keep in mind, do not suppress your feelings. Stay in touch with your feelings, observe them and communicate in a wise way. This will ensure that you connect to a deeper level. Do what you love and love what you do. Benefit from the wisdom that Chinese astrology brings you with love in 2018.

The Ox:

There are solutions for some problems that are affecting you, it’s time to open up to the people around you and everything will come easier in your life.


It is possible that today you receive a large amount of money, the stars support you, be careful what you are going to do with the money you enter.


This is not the time to embark on new financial adventures, be careful with investing money, today would not be convenient for you.

The Dragon:

If you are in the job search, today you will have the opportunity to get that job that you have wanted for so long, do not reject the opportunities presented to you over the next few days.

The snake:

In financial terms you will achieve stability, it is time to get out of big debts to get that stability.

You will have some problems to continue the pace of work you are carrying, you must concentrate on what you want and fight for it.

The goat:

You will get new and great opportunities to get something you want, and your charm will be the main key to it, so exploit it.


If you are looking to lose weight, today will be a great day to start a new diet, you must stay strong in the decisions and everything will go well.

Love horoscope 2018 by John Terry

Famous astrologer John Terry from reveals us one of the accurate love astrological prediction for year 2018. Here is the horoscope for every zodiac signs


You will be very conscious of the dynamics of relationships between you and others, especially from the moment the Sun enters March 20, 2018. The month you are celebrated should catch you aware of the needs of a love relationship and how to fulfill them.

You matured and this will be reflected in how you communicate with your partners. The result? You will go through a period of openness, sincerity to each other and a desire to achieve the goals set some time ago. Collaboration between the two of you will bring success to all your plans. Be careful not to hurt your loved one’s feelings, even if you did not have this intention. When you love someone, you have the power to hurt them, but you can also be hurt in turn. Keep only yourself if you abuse this power.

The horoscope for love for Berbeci also says that the biggest transit of the year will happen when Jupiter enters your home of love and long-term relationships. Jupiter will stay here for 9 months, and during this time you will have many opportunities to explore all kinds of relationships. If you are looking for a business partner, Jupiter is most likely to send someone who suits the project that you want to get started. For most of us, the term “partner” refers to love relationships, but still, Aries focuses on other meanings.


Neptune appears in your friendship sector, which could create confusion with your friends. When things seem to get out of control, you will have to be calm and solve everything diplomatically. The best time to connect your friends is between mid-February and mid-March, and then again in December, when friends will bring smiles and good times for you.

Your friends will surprise you with some revelations that will shock you for the moment. They will make some radical and sometimes imprudent decisions that will change over the course of the year. Will you be the moralizing wolf or will you support them? Think very well about the consequences of your decisions and why you share it.

You have to learn how to be tolerant of the things and feelings of other people that they consider important, but it does not mean anything to you.

While Saturn is in the eighth house, your life partner, husband, boyfriend may not feel as attractive anymore because of the way you behave with him or her Lately, or perhaps because of circumstances in your relationship. So, it will not be as easy to have sex, but hopefully it will be temporary.


At the beginning of the year you are surrounded by love and romance. The Horoscope of Love for Gemini in 2018 shows that the planets in the first nine months of the year will be overwhelmed by romance, love and affection. Jupiter, the Planet of Success, will remain in the fifth house until October 2018, so enjoy all the happiness that comes in your way. You must have a nearby fire extinguisher, since sexual attractions can be very lighted and excited when you expect less.

In your case, you know very well that a person’s mind, in addition to physical attraction, is essential for love to last. Prepare to shine like a diamond, because Jupiter enters the area of ​​romance, attraction and pleasure even in January. If you are alone, this will bring you the best time to find a partner. There should be at least one potential contender during the 9 months that Jupiter will be here.

Astrology points out that in 2018 you should have many opportunities to participate in wonderful events – concerts, parties and even meetings where you will stay next to famous people. The time will come to pay attention to your appearance, more than you usually do. Your image will really be very important and the impression you will make will be very important – no matter if you want to impress someone for personal or professional reasons. Do not be afraid to spend more money to change your wardrobe or invest in a new look.


The universal vibration of this year, after the Sun comes into your home in January, is very much focused on increasing security and strengthening close relationships. Family issues are always a priority for you, but they will be even more accentuated this year because Jupiter is in the fourth family home, and will have a stay for over 9 months. The Horoscope of love for Raci in 2018 shows that many natives will make improvements to the homes they live in, reassemble, modernize, move to a larger property or a better neighborhood. You may find that you need more space due to family extension.

With Jupiter in transit, expect love, fun, romance, and kindness to get into your life by October 2018. If you’re going to take a dream vacation, do it in that time. Your life is about to go through a very happy time, with more fun and smiles! Make sure you share your wealth and happiness with others less fortunate.

Maybe love came your way, and small gifts, gestures, were meant to attract your attention. Open your eyes and be aware that you have not lost your sex appeal.

Contrary to your expectations, in 2018 you will spend more time with your children and you will be more anchored in reality. Children are the greatest joy of your life at this time, so you do not want to lose any moment of their life. The dramas, the joys, all the life experiences they go through are part of their growth process and are moments you will never meet again.

During leisure, enjoy movies, go to concerts, theater, special parties and gala events, but do not abuse. You are very tempted to spend money on tickets and entry to events just for the sake of leaving the house, or because a friend has insisted a lot.

You will also have time to enjoy family, loved ones and friends. Tell them how much you love them and do not be embarrassed by the hugs and words of praise. Give them kindness, attention and gifts when they do not expect, and you will get back more than you imagined. In fact, their happiness is the perfect reward.


No matter what reveals January for you when it comes to dealing with others, because a new beginning is not far away. On January 28th, the New Moon enters the seventh house, giving free rein to any beginning: whether you are starting a relationship or entering a new stage in your current relationship, this is the perfect time of year when you should be watching Watch out for long-term relationships – friends, lovers, or business partners. Now is the perfect time to meet the person you long for, to know her very well and to get you moving to get what you want.

According to the stars, love will be a serious game for you this year, especially if you are alone. At first it will be frustrating, because your efforts do not seem to win the heart of anyone, not even your attention. Resist, be patient, because the wheel is spinning and your turn will come.

Leagues who are already involved in a relationship will think about how to make those relationships stronger – a deeper and stronger commitment could be taken into account. Together with love comes a certain responsibility, a concept with which the Lions are very familiar, and that does not scare them at all. Although they are very cold on the outside, this year’s surprises will impress them to tears. They will take down the shield they are protecting and show their feelings to the closest people.


In 2018, Pluto, the Planet of Power and Regeneration, is in the libido sector. Sexual desires will be present throughout the year, but do not use this advantage to advance. You will find that what works in the bedroom does not apply everywhere.

Your partner or loved one may move away from you or turn into a person you do not know, which you are not used to, and it is the perfect time to gather the bonds between you. He grew up, matured, became wiser, and you were not paying attention to these changes. Whatever the cause of these changes, be careful and do not miss any important moment.

Your love story will get a blow from Pluto and Neptune in the seventh month

The easiest way to understand this is to think of it as an envelope. Inside the envelope is a gift. You are invited by the universe to open the envelope and discover your gift. For those who are alone, you can connect with someone you feel attracted instantly and with whom you have an affinity that transcends the physical world. You will have the feeling that you know each other in advance, although you have not met before.

Horoscope 2018 for next year

About 2018 there have been more rumors and speculation than about the year 2000 and the famous Y2K computer catastrophe. Is there a bullet of truth in these rumors and speculation? Or will they all be the fruit of an infinite collective imagination?

From an astrological point of view, 2018 is characterized by numerous aspects and events involving planets in mutable signs. And the mutable signs mean change.

In 2018, no less than 4 planets transgress the mutable signs. Also, 3 eclipses (of the total of 4 eclipses) and 2 relegations take place in Gemini and Sagittarius or in Virgo and Pisces. All these events and astrological aspects that occur in mutable signs suggest that 2018 will be a year of much instability. This website presents a different for the yearly horoscope. Read it find out more about it.

Uranian and plutonic influences in horoscope 2018

The changes we have been witnessing for some time (including the global financial crisis and riots in the Middle East and North Africa) betray the influence of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus and Pluton will form exact points in June and September 2018, but their effects will be felt throughout 2018.

Uranus is the planet of change and surprising events. Pluton is associated with global events and global finances, and when in Capricorn it is also associated with governance, rules and structure. And when Uranus and Pluton are in conflict, we can expect changes on many planes at the planetary scale.

Jupiter’s Influence in the Horoscope of 2018

Jupiter spends the first half of 2018 in Taurus, the sign associated with stability and money. From this position, Jupiter continues to contribute to the strengthening of the world economy. On June 11, 2018, Jupiter goes to Gemini, where he will stay for about 1 year. Jupiter in Gemini favors learning, education and communication of all kinds.

Saturation Influence in Horoscope 2018

In the first three quarters of 2018, Saturn in Libra emphasizes interpersonal relationships. People and good understanding with others matter more than material possessions.

On October 5, 2018, Saturn passes from Libra to Scorpio, a sign associated with finance. Therefore, for two and a half years, as Saturn’s transit through Scorpio takes, we will witness restructuring in the financial field, both at the personal level and at state and world level, regardless of whether these restructurings will be planned or imposed by circumstances. We will also witness a reassessment of values ​​and an increase in savings.

Neptunian Influence in the Horoscope of 2018

On February 3, 2018, Neptune passes from Aquarius to Pisces, where it will remain until 2025. Neptune in Pisces emphasizes health and vitality on the planet and the ocean. Neptune in Pisces also increases interest in charity and self-help. Oceans may become an important source of energy.

Year 2018 – change and opportunity

It is obvious that 2018 will bring new changes. And change always brings new opportunities for those who know to be flexible and adaptable. Instead of opting for change, use your expertise and expertise to take advantage of new opportunities!

Important astral events in 2018:

January 2018: triangle Saturn-Neptune in air signs
January-April 2018: Mars retrograde
February 2018: Neptune enters Pisces
May-June 2018: Venus retrograde
July 2018: Held in T Uranus-Pluton-Mars
October 2018: Saturn enters Scorpio
6 November 2018: Mercury retrograde
December 21, 2018: winter solstice and the great galactic alignment

A very active year 2018 is awaiting you.

Coming in November in Virgo, Mars must have given you an impetus as early as 2011 and it will keep you plugged in by July 2018. Mars tells you the need to initiate, act, debug or fight, give you energy and courage , Stimulates your ambition, leadership abilities, decision-making spirit.

To capitalize on these attributes, you need a motivation, purpose, stake. Otherwise, the Martian energy can find its debacle in badly coordinated actions, conflicting, accidents, incidents.

Be especially careful between 24 January and 15 April, when you need calm and caution, and it is not advisable to start something new, buy your car, gear or equipment, get into altercations, practice dangerous sports, drive risky, etc .

Beyond this dynamic backdrop, during April-June 2018, Venus’s transit brings a favorable flow of careers (especially through influential relationships or women), and can make workflow influenced by collaborations or feelings.

The profession is a profit and reward. In June 2018, Jupiter also enters the career house, and the chances of success gain in size and extend until the summer of 2013.

The Great Benefit helps you rise socially, gain authority, prestige and honors. It favors large-scale projects, occupations related to foreign, tourism or multinationals, to administration, to cultural, academic or legislative environments.

The success comes through the support of important characters. June and July 2018 are rewarding months.

Financially, in August 2018 some complications are possible. In October 2018, Saturn comes out of the money house where he spent three years, and the material situation relaxes.

chinese zodiac 2018 – How it affects you

Year 2018 – The dog’s year in the Chinese zodiac – will be a quiet year, especially if we compare it with the one that is just over – the energetic dog.

The year of the dog will be a relaxing one, searching for one’s own peace and making peace with others. Things will progress slowly, people will become more sentimental and more affective. Influence of the dog will bring people closer to home and family, and will feel more free in terms of time and money. Given that Oaia is considered a patron of the arts, this year will highlight the creativity of the people. They will be more productive, more imaginative in their artistic and aesthetic approaches. Pessimistic harmonies of the year will also bring some elements of hypersensitivity and irritability to less important things. There may be some discouragements and self-criticism in the actions taken, especially when things do not evolve in the desired direction.

On the world stage, things will be quiet and will be under control. Time allows everyone to have whims and dreams. New knowledge will appear, there will be time for the housekeepers, there will be money for investment in art and antiques. Beware, however! Whoever makes the waste will bear the consequences.

Full of hope, the love of the dog for lively harmony and passion, for cohabiting with enemies, will make some people become martyrs of riots and misunderstandings. The moderate and blunt will be accused and taken into account. Wars, international conflicts, mutual animosities usually end this year. The serenity of the dog’s smooth paths will make there a small regression for active or very intense signs because it is not an effervescent year as activities but a year of introspection.

According to the Chinese horoscope 2018, snake natives must outline more distinct borders between the main aspects of their existence. The professional sphere does not bring them direct benefits, so it would not be bad in this case to wear the armor of stockism, patience and calmness, but the love life asks them to open as much soul and not to forbid to confess Prove your feelings.

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake and the dog are both connected with the fire element, and although they do not appear to be contradictory, they are not characterized by a relationship crossed by a great attraction. For this reason, the 2018 Serpent’s Sentimental Life is not noticeable either by extreme intensity or by extreme poverty, depending on the spirit of initiative and the ability of each to overcome some mental or emotional barriers. Natives themselves can spend a lot of time in 2018 to find out or choose the half they like. As a result of their specific prudence, they can not get attached to any attractive person in the way and do not let them impress any compliment to them. Snakes can not forget that the delicious aroma of a flower can prove to be carnivorous and have no way of falling prey to love for the sake of love alone. Trying to avoid devastating disappointments or deceptions, they tend to advance towards a potential couple relationship as slow as they can, with their eyes and mind always touched upon the gestures and words of their possible partner. Probably only after 100% persuasion that a person is really their soul mate will appeal with dariness to their whole amorous arsenal. Before claiming their love status, they will soon appear to be friends, companions, or colleagues of someone they think they can be a living companion. Although this strategy can be successful with long-term success, it can sometimes be damaging. Excessive caution of the Serpians can sometimes be interpreted as indecency, lack of affection or interest in someone! However, if the solitary snakes make a firm choice in love this year, it will not be long before they fix the date of engagement and marriage! In the Year of the earthDog, couples already married or married will have the opportunity to go through countless and happy trails of mutual attachment, continue to deepen their affective connection. Snakes do not have to poison their own happiness with the venom of distrust! It is necessary to overcome its extreme possession, to keep its jealousy in jeopardy and not to hurt its partner with unfounded accusations.

According to Chinese astrology, water is the area of ​​Serpians’ quarry but, unfortunately, this element is not present in the dog’s year. This does not mean that they will not have success in the professional sphere, but that they will have to resort to a series of fine- . If the snake’s basic element is fire, the goat / dog is the land. The Earth is the Star of Fame for Serpi, ie their external image, expressivity in communication, career performance and relationships with subordinates. It can be assumed, therefore, that your great achievements depend on the help given to newer or older employees at work. On the other hand, if you become overwhelmed by too many obligations in the professional sphere, it is expected that the natives of the sheep / goat will be allies of hope. At the same time, the best tactic recommended to the Serpians this year is to let go of a seemingly sluggish, warming themselves under the sunshine of their competence, pandas the most opportune moment to attack! They have to stabilize their successes so far, to avoid unnecessary risks, quarrels and mistakes at work. If they have the power to keep their patience, they will have the opportunity to catch the opportunity and capture their enemies even when they show the greatest weakness.
Since metal is the representative element of Sarpele’s money, and it is not defining in 2018, there are no big fortunes in the financial field, with the exception of August and September. Native Chinese people do not have to venture into the dog / dogwood year in investments that promise quick gains in the short term, but focus on stable long-term projects. At the end of 2018 there may be some significant and unexpected bonuses associated with the job.

Nostradamus and its frightening predictions for 2018

The French physician and astrologer, Nostradamus was well-known thanks to his books on mysteries and prophecies. Through their lines, the interpretations have not been made wait. Many say that much of what is written has become a reality. Could Nostradamus really foretell what would happen in the future?

Doubt is always there and when something happens, we all turn to see if the astrologer really had seen it. Of course, the predictions he has for 2017 are not at all optimistic. It speaks of wars, death and destruction. Do you want to know what is waiting for us according to your words ?.

Perhaps the prophecy of the death of the Pope is not as clear as you think. Nostradamus makes it clear that there will be two Popes at the same time. If we look back, we know that Benedict XVI retired and had to choose another in his place. But without doubt, the one who would be in front would be Benedict.

So, with one retired and another in charge of the Church, we can say that we are before two Popes. What is predicted is that they have to leave Rome for an alleged war in Italy. Maybe, you have to emigrate to another country, but visions do not have an overly nice ending either.

Apparently there are more ideas that coincide with this prediction of French. Although in other versions, it is said that the Pope will be killed in another distant territory. Some point to America, the land that will see it go. Perhaps because of this, the world takes a turn with many consequences.

The French visionary Nostradamus always amazed the world by the apparent accuracy with which his prophecies have been fulfilled, although throughout the history many explain its success like a mere chance or an interpretation after the fact occurred. Whether it’s true or not, it’s wise to keep in mind what Nostradamus predicted for 2018 has just begun. They are not very encouraging, according to El Comercio.

– Terrorism will be the main problem of the year.

– The death of the leader of the Catholic Church.

– Strong armed conflicts due to global warming.

– China will make a strategic move that will put you at the head of the world, becoming the new superpower.

– A country, which is believed to be the United States, will enter an “ungovernable and incompetent” stage.

– Throughout this year or early next year there will be an earthquake in the western United States.

– Latin America will live in 2017 a radical change in many aspects of vital importance.

– Italy will drag Europe into a major economic crisis.

Who was Nostradamus?

Michel de Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503 in Saint – Remy, France, and died on July 2, 1566, in Salon – de – Provence, Southeastern France. Also known as Nostredame, he was a French physician and astrologer, the most prominent of the Renaissance.

He began his medical career in Agen in 1529, moving to Salon in 1544, where he gained renown for his innovations in medicine during the spread of the plague in Aix and Lyon in the years 1546/7. It began to realize prophecies around 1547, being published its first work Centurias in 1555. The work consisted of quartets rhymed in groups of hundred, where each group was denominated century. At that time, astrology was in full swing and that led him to prepare a second augmented edition appeared in 1558 dedicated to the King of France.

Some of his prophecies seem to have been fulfilled in life and for that reason his fame extended, being invited to the court of Catherine de Médicis, the queen consort of Henry II of France, where it threw the horoscopes of its children. He was appointed doctor of the court by Charles IX when he became king in 1560. The prophecies of Nostradamus were condemned in 1781 by the Congregation of the Index, the body established by the Catholic Church for the examination of books and manuscripts.

Because of its cryptic style and content, which contained words in French, Spanish, Latin and Hebrew, the prophecies have continued to create controversy. Some of his prophecies have been fulfilled for many, especially details of the French Revolution and significant events of the eighteenth century. Others without trivial meanings predict events that have not yet occurred.

Let us therefore go to the prophecies

The encyclopaedia of Nostrdamus de Lemesurier deals in detail with the problem of “dating” or fixation in time of the prophecy, because without time anyone can realize the most fantastic prophecies waiting for at some point to appear facts that justify them . Several methods were considered, namely:

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