Follow the advice of lovepsychics in love and so can you meet the challenges life couple!

Give him the other as much diversity

Put yourself and make-up every day otherwise to exit the everyday habit. Surprise your partner with your ability to adapt to any situation: go one evening a rock concert and the next night at a classical music concert, taken together a romantic dinner by candlelight or exit from the cinema go to a Fastfood to eat something. Important it is that the one you always be surprised.
Compliment him every day!
Your partner is neither smarter nor more beautiful, nor more humorous than the other men on this globe. Yet ye have chosen him, which means he has something that you like and that you attracted to him. Tell him that he is the best. When the hero wants to do, try not to be discouraged.
Do not turn in his supervisor!
Even if you do not like the way they dress entirely or friends you have, show you tolerant and loving towards him. Try not change it, unless this is absolutely necessary. Do this without him noticing it and try not burdened with your expectations. Approve tastes and habits!
Keep an air of mystery about you!
Who can force you to always tell the truth? None. Not even your conscience. Try, when the situation calls for a concrete response and to avoid mysterious smile. Do not talk about your past. You must not disclose how many have never been a man before him. If he insists, tell them two or three relationships, but no more.
Be generous!
Look no quarrel for each outstanding invoice or bill, if you notice that other miscalculated, although always wrong in his favor. Be tactful and do not argue with him over money. Tell clear that your relationship is not measured in money.

Stay attractive!

Even if your partner knows your every part of the body, do not neglect ever way you dress or comb you. For your partner is always necessary to show that the first day you met. Better late than, but present yourself in a perfect attire.
Do not be a burden!
No worries upload your partner and your family of origin issues or problems at work; this is not true drama. These problems are solved by itself anyway sooner or later, so there is no need to upload your negative partner and his wicked day.
Be superamuzante!
Even if it is difficult, earning them the friends of yours. Give them a sign and be very friendly with them. Surprise them with well crafted words, smiles of appreciation and give them your support. If you do so you will have the support of both his friends and his appreciation that will be pleased that his partner accepts and appreciates friends.

Do not complain and do not be hysterical!

Your partner he promised something and forgot to fulfill its promise, and you did it feel disappointed. That is why you are angry and you only think about it, even more you want to hold your promise to failure. Do not let dominated by anger and try to approach the subject with tact and diplomacy so that your partner does not feel called to account, but the failure to understand that the promise you made to suffer. Do not criticize it for months. If you feel the need to complain to someone you can do either the mother or the best friend.

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