Tarot of Love: Tarot Card Meanings: An Apprentice Guide of General Interpretations

Life is full of mysteries that you can loose by certain symbols. For example, numbers, date of birth and your tarot cards reveal how you can impress at all, considering his weak points and the expectations you have of a possible partner.
Love Tarot: identify your book lover

You thought so far as a man can be won depending on the tarot card depicting? Here is what says love tarot loved personality!

1. Magician

Number 1 is called tarot card magician. A man represented by this symbol is full of charm and is very good with words, especially when it comes to seducing women. To conquer it fully, you must be original and inventive. Maintains his interest all the time, otherwise it tends to look elsewhere to find what is not his current partner. I like relationships vibrant and energetic experiences, so will not tolerate monotony.
Magician tarot card
High Priestess tarot card 2. High Priestess

A man under the book tends to analyze every detail, to look for all sorts of information without having to be afraid that your partner will lose this obsessive character. Whether it is secretive or suffocating with care and his jealousy. He is in constant search for truth and perfection. Are you the right person for it only if you manage to balance his moments of exaltation. And at the same time, you should sharer passions.

3. Empress

If your lover is the Empress tarot card needs attention all the time, otherwise it can become possessive, that feels like love someone else. Make them nice surprises and show him how much you appreciate. Cucerereste touch it with sensual flavors inspititoare and romantic songs.
Empress tarot card
Emperor tarot card
4. Emperor

You love a person who keeps his promises and respect their partner. He likes to communicate and see the positive side of things. Let him protect you, always be honest with him and do not look interested in another man, that does not tolerate being cheated even thinking.

5. High Priest

High Priest seems to be the ideal partner because he learned along life to forget and forgive. You will be able to fully conquer such a man if you are generous and understanding with him. He likes to offer, but expects his girlfriend to turn to bestow the same things.
High Priest tarot card
Lovers tarot card

6. Lovers

The man you fell in love who is sociable and lively. He does not like to be alone, and sex is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Even if you have the inclination to go out with mule women, when they will fall in love will not be interested in others. You managed to get inside the heart if you’ll find the biggest weakness.

7. Dipper

In Love Tarot, the chariot symbolizes a strong man, vigorous balanced and competitive. A woman who has the same ideals as it will interest you especially. He does not like to go in life’s journey with someone who understands.
Chariot Tarot card
Power tarot card
8. power

A strong personality loves to be appreciated. Sophisticated women with relaxed attitude, secure them fascinates him, but does not like to be dominated. So do not treat him with such an attitude from the beginning. Let him gradually come to you, do not look easy to conquer and confuse it consisted of a hot-cold behavior. Give him carefully, then get a cold fire.

9. The Hermit Hermit or

Hermit tarot card to indicate an ambitious person, mysterious and bold. However, it seems hard to get a man because you will not be able to be on the same wavelength with him again. Pay attention to their own interests more of it is absorbed, so it is not the kind of man that he can still see what is wonderful woman next to him. Of course, this characterization is limited. Therefore, if you are patient by nature, you can change the course of the relationship.
Tarot card Hermit
Wheel of Fortune tarot card

10. Wheel of Destiny

Tarot reveals a man you love exchanger, which has not yet fully matured. To stay with you, you must prove that you’re the right woman for him and it will not be easy to do this. Conquer it constantly without seeming obsessed him and without stress.

11. Justice

A man represented by this book is balanced, honest and always looking for the best options. If you want to join them in the heart, you must be a determined woman who knows what she wants out of life and do not hesitate in taking decisions

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