Can we force a lost love to return by “magic” means?

After a break in love, pain can be devastating, especially if it is a long relationship or children are involved. You may wish to bring back the one you love, and be tempted to resort to “magical” means. But no clairvoyant or medium can force someone to come back. In the best case if you consult with this hope you will lose your time, in the worst you will fall into the hands of an indelicate charlatan who will extort money from you by drinking deceptive hopes.

Never forget that human beings have their free will. Thus, even if a consultation of clairvoyance, astrology, tarot or other shows that for both of you the best is to stay together, this does not mean that your partner will accept to come back, let alone May require it. And even tell you well, as hard as it is to admit, that as long as you think the solution is to force your ex-love back with you to be with you, you probably have no chance of getting there, You are not in the right mood for this to have a chance of happening. Give yourself some time, and remember why you loved it, true love wants the happiness of the other, even if it means without you.

Pseudo magicians, clairvoyants or others claim to be able to provide you with “love philtres”, flee from them, they deceive you or they are deceived. A practitioner who you either is a rogue either a well-intentioned but incompetent and ignorant person

A true clairvoyant can only help you answer this question: “If it is possible for us to get back together, what should I do to maximize the chances that this will happen?” And if you feel able to take it Your courage has two hands and ask the complete question “and if that is impossible, what should I do to be happy again?” In this way, you will benefit as much as possible from the help of a clairvoyant ( E) serieus (e)

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