Overcome your fears and positively integrate uncertainty into your love life

The only thing that is certain is uncertainty. Life is made of changes and evolutions, which can be exhilarating, but it can also cause anguish and pain because change creates new tensions and uncertainties in our lives. There are so many events over which we have no control. Do you feel capable of letting go to be able to step back and enjoy the new happiness ossibilities of your life?

To harmoniously integrate uncertainty into one’s life requires important work on oneself. This requires a high level of spiritual conditioning. We all have moments of great lucidity and clarity in our lives, when the world turns in perfect harmony with our own rhythm, like a well-regulated clock.

Are you looking to achieve the highest possible level of spiritual development? You will find great rewards to your efforts and the one reward is the ability to positively integrate uncertainty into your everyday life and into your love life. For this you need to arrive at understanding the world and understanding your place in this world. Look for interconnectivity in all things things. You are a part of a network.

A priori we are not programmed to integrate positively uncertainty and fear. This goes against our nature which to face such situations will appeal to our aggressive instincts or our reflexes of escape from danger. So take the plug and examine the situation carefully. Do not be afraid to illuminate the dark places and nooks and crannies of your personality. Dig deeply and objectively and you will begin to understand what scares you. In the end t you will realize that your worries are either unfounded or perfectly remediable. There are many layers of confusion and psychological slag to sort out when we examine this our fears and our fears. All it takes is time and lucidity about yourself.

To arrive at this level of objectivity is necessary to face the uncertainties of love. In love, you have a tendency to believe you in safety or to seek it at all costs. Security is generally incompatible with change and this is where the danger lies. You must step back and always consider your sitution with objectivity, keeping a global perspective gives oxygen to your love life. Sometimes you are so entangled in details that you lose sight of the broader purpose of your life.

You must remember that love is like a river – it continues to flow without stopping. Keep in mind that the stability of your love is as secure as that of a raft on a wild river. Your love will always be tossed, but you stay together .. You have a partner with whom you will navigate throughout your life, if the unit you create with him or her, is always evolving.

Uncertainty in love is like a fertilizer for a flower it keeps things fresh and exciting. Together, you can overcome cahos, potholes, and ruts on the road to your love life. You must deal with all the difficulties that life throws on your way without stiffening, without fear and without animosity for the other.

You must have faith in the evolution of your love, believe that your love will triumph over all challenges, evolutions and uncertainties. This is how you will poison the uncertainty. This is how you embrace life fully and find comfort in the journey process.

Where does the uncertainty come from? Why do we doubt? If your pure soul had never been influenced, you would not know the uncertainty. But other people have influenced your life from tragic events, transcendent circundances, forged your character. You have learned to worry (and have to fear) of many things.

On the physical plane laughing is a quick and easy way to deal with uncertainty. Laughter can relax you. You do not need a joke to laugh, you can pretend. Your body of flesh and bones does not have a sense of humor, but it feels the physical sensations of laughter. When you laugh, you breathe deeply, using all of your lungs. Your body relaxes.

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