Nostradamus and its frightening predictions for 2018

The French physician and astrologer, Nostradamus was well-known thanks to his books on mysteries and prophecies. Through their lines, the interpretations have not been made wait. Many say that much of what is written has become a reality. Could Nostradamus really foretell what would happen in the future?

Doubt is always there and when something happens, we all turn to see if the astrologer really had seen it. Of course, the predictions he has for 2017 are not at all optimistic. It speaks of wars, death and destruction. Do you want to know what is waiting for us according to your words ?.

Perhaps the prophecy of the death of the Pope is not as clear as you think. Nostradamus makes it clear that there will be two Popes at the same time. If we look back, we know that Benedict XVI retired and had to choose another in his place. But without doubt, the one who would be in front would be Benedict.

So, with one retired and another in charge of the Church, we can say that we are before two Popes. What is predicted is that they have to leave Rome for an alleged war in Italy. Maybe, you have to emigrate to another country, but visions do not have an overly nice ending either.

Apparently there are more ideas that coincide with this prediction of French. Although in other versions, it is said that the Pope will be killed in another distant territory. Some point to America, the land that will see it go. Perhaps because of this, the world takes a turn with many consequences.

The French visionary Nostradamus always amazed the world by the apparent accuracy with which his prophecies have been fulfilled, although throughout the history many explain its success like a mere chance or an interpretation after the fact occurred. Whether it’s true or not, it’s wise to keep in mind what Nostradamus predicted for 2018 has just begun. They are not very encouraging, according to El Comercio.

– Terrorism will be the main problem of the year.

– The death of the leader of the Catholic Church.

– Strong armed conflicts due to global warming.

– China will make a strategic move that will put you at the head of the world, becoming the new superpower.

– A country, which is believed to be the United States, will enter an “ungovernable and incompetent” stage.

– Throughout this year or early next year there will be an earthquake in the western United States.

– Latin America will live in 2017 a radical change in many aspects of vital importance.

– Italy will drag Europe into a major economic crisis.

Who was Nostradamus?

Michel de Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503 in Saint – Remy, France, and died on July 2, 1566, in Salon – de – Provence, Southeastern France. Also known as Nostredame, he was a French physician and astrologer, the most prominent of the Renaissance.

He began his medical career in Agen in 1529, moving to Salon in 1544, where he gained renown for his innovations in medicine during the spread of the plague in Aix and Lyon in the years 1546/7. It began to realize prophecies around 1547, being published its first work Centurias in 1555. The work consisted of quartets rhymed in groups of hundred, where each group was denominated century. At that time, astrology was in full swing and that led him to prepare a second augmented edition appeared in 1558 dedicated to the King of France.

Some of his prophecies seem to have been fulfilled in life and for that reason his fame extended, being invited to the court of Catherine de Médicis, the queen consort of Henry II of France, where it threw the horoscopes of its children. He was appointed doctor of the court by Charles IX when he became king in 1560. The prophecies of Nostradamus were condemned in 1781 by the Congregation of the Index, the body established by the Catholic Church for the examination of books and manuscripts.

Because of its cryptic style and content, which contained words in French, Spanish, Latin and Hebrew, the prophecies have continued to create controversy. Some of his prophecies have been fulfilled for many, especially details of the French Revolution and significant events of the eighteenth century. Others without trivial meanings predict events that have not yet occurred.

Let us therefore go to the prophecies

The encyclopaedia of Nostrdamus de Lemesurier deals in detail with the problem of “dating” or fixation in time of the prophecy, because without time anyone can realize the most fantastic prophecies waiting for at some point to appear facts that justify them . Several methods were considered, namely:

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