chinese zodiac 2018 – How it affects you

Year 2018 – The dog’s year in the Chinese zodiac – will be a quiet year, especially if we compare it with the one that is just over – the energetic dog.

The year of the dog will be a relaxing one, searching for one’s own peace and making peace with others. Things will progress slowly, people will become more sentimental and more affective. Influence of the dog will bring people closer to home and family, and will feel more free in terms of time and money. Given that Oaia is considered a patron of the arts, this year will highlight the creativity of the people. They will be more productive, more imaginative in their artistic and aesthetic approaches. Pessimistic harmonies of the year will also bring some elements of hypersensitivity and irritability to less important things. There may be some discouragements and self-criticism in the actions taken, especially when things do not evolve in the desired direction.

On the world stage, things will be quiet and will be under control. Time allows everyone to have whims and dreams. New knowledge will appear, there will be time for the housekeepers, there will be money for investment in art and antiques. Beware, however! Whoever makes the waste will bear the consequences.

Full of hope, the love of the dog for lively harmony and passion, for cohabiting with enemies, will make some people become martyrs of riots and misunderstandings. The moderate and blunt will be accused and taken into account. Wars, international conflicts, mutual animosities usually end this year. The serenity of the dog’s smooth paths will make there a small regression for active or very intense signs because it is not an effervescent year as activities but a year of introspection.

According to the Chinese horoscope 2018, snake natives must outline more distinct borders between the main aspects of their existence. The professional sphere does not bring them direct benefits, so it would not be bad in this case to wear the armor of stockism, patience and calmness, but the love life asks them to open as much soul and not to forbid to confess Prove your feelings.

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake and the dog are both connected with the fire element, and although they do not appear to be contradictory, they are not characterized by a relationship crossed by a great attraction. For this reason, the 2018 Serpent’s Sentimental Life is not noticeable either by extreme intensity or by extreme poverty, depending on the spirit of initiative and the ability of each to overcome some mental or emotional barriers. Natives themselves can spend a lot of time in 2018 to find out or choose the half they like. As a result of their specific prudence, they can not get attached to any attractive person in the way and do not let them impress any compliment to them. Snakes can not forget that the delicious aroma of a flower can prove to be carnivorous and have no way of falling prey to love for the sake of love alone. Trying to avoid devastating disappointments or deceptions, they tend to advance towards a potential couple relationship as slow as they can, with their eyes and mind always touched upon the gestures and words of their possible partner. Probably only after 100% persuasion that a person is really their soul mate will appeal with dariness to their whole amorous arsenal. Before claiming their love status, they will soon appear to be friends, companions, or colleagues of someone they think they can be a living companion. Although this strategy can be successful with long-term success, it can sometimes be damaging. Excessive caution of the Serpians can sometimes be interpreted as indecency, lack of affection or interest in someone! However, if the solitary snakes make a firm choice in love this year, it will not be long before they fix the date of engagement and marriage! In the Year of the earthDog, couples already married or married will have the opportunity to go through countless and happy trails of mutual attachment, continue to deepen their affective connection. Snakes do not have to poison their own happiness with the venom of distrust! It is necessary to overcome its extreme possession, to keep its jealousy in jeopardy and not to hurt its partner with unfounded accusations.

According to Chinese astrology, water is the area of ​​Serpians’ quarry but, unfortunately, this element is not present in the dog’s year. This does not mean that they will not have success in the professional sphere, but that they will have to resort to a series of fine- . If the snake’s basic element is fire, the goat / dog is the land. The Earth is the Star of Fame for Serpi, ie their external image, expressivity in communication, career performance and relationships with subordinates. It can be assumed, therefore, that your great achievements depend on the help given to newer or older employees at work. On the other hand, if you become overwhelmed by too many obligations in the professional sphere, it is expected that the natives of the sheep / goat will be allies of hope. At the same time, the best tactic recommended to the Serpians this year is to let go of a seemingly sluggish, warming themselves under the sunshine of their competence, pandas the most opportune moment to attack! They have to stabilize their successes so far, to avoid unnecessary risks, quarrels and mistakes at work. If they have the power to keep their patience, they will have the opportunity to catch the opportunity and capture their enemies even when they show the greatest weakness.
Since metal is the representative element of Sarpele’s money, and it is not defining in 2018, there are no big fortunes in the financial field, with the exception of August and September. Native Chinese people do not have to venture into the dog / dogwood year in investments that promise quick gains in the short term, but focus on stable long-term projects. At the end of 2018 there may be some significant and unexpected bonuses associated with the job.

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