Horoscope 2018 for next year

About 2018 there have been more rumors and speculation than about the year 2000 and the famous Y2K computer catastrophe. Is there a bullet of truth in these rumors and speculation? Or will they all be the fruit of an infinite collective imagination?

From an astrological point of view, 2018 is characterized by numerous aspects and events involving planets in mutable signs. And the mutable signs mean change.

In 2018, no less than 4 planets transgress the mutable signs. Also, 3 eclipses (of the total of 4 eclipses) and 2 relegations take place in Gemini and Sagittarius or in Virgo and Pisces. All these events and astrological aspects that occur in mutable signs suggest that 2018 will be a year of much instability. This website horoscope2018.guru presents a different for the yearly horoscope. Read it find out more about it.

Uranian and plutonic influences in horoscope 2018

The changes we have been witnessing for some time (including the global financial crisis and riots in the Middle East and North Africa) betray the influence of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus and Pluton will form exact points in June and September 2018, but their effects will be felt throughout 2018.

Uranus is the planet of change and surprising events. Pluton is associated with global events and global finances, and when in Capricorn it is also associated with governance, rules and structure. And when Uranus and Pluton are in conflict, we can expect changes on many planes at the planetary scale.

Jupiter’s Influence in the Horoscope of 2018

Jupiter spends the first half of 2018 in Taurus, the sign associated with stability and money. From this position, Jupiter continues to contribute to the strengthening of the world economy. On June 11, 2018, Jupiter goes to Gemini, where he will stay for about 1 year. Jupiter in Gemini favors learning, education and communication of all kinds.

Saturation Influence in Horoscope 2018

In the first three quarters of 2018, Saturn in Libra emphasizes interpersonal relationships. People and good understanding with others matter more than material possessions.

On October 5, 2018, Saturn passes from Libra to Scorpio, a sign associated with finance. Therefore, for two and a half years, as Saturn’s transit through Scorpio takes, we will witness restructuring in the financial field, both at the personal level and at state and world level, regardless of whether these restructurings will be planned or imposed by circumstances. We will also witness a reassessment of values ​​and an increase in savings.

Neptunian Influence in the Horoscope of 2018

On February 3, 2018, Neptune passes from Aquarius to Pisces, where it will remain until 2025. Neptune in Pisces emphasizes health and vitality on the planet and the ocean. Neptune in Pisces also increases interest in charity and self-help. Oceans may become an important source of energy.

Year 2018 – change and opportunity

It is obvious that 2018 will bring new changes. And change always brings new opportunities for those who know to be flexible and adaptable. Instead of opting for change, use your expertise and expertise to take advantage of new opportunities!

Important astral events in 2018:

January 2018: triangle Saturn-Neptune in air signs
January-April 2018: Mars retrograde
February 2018: Neptune enters Pisces
May-June 2018: Venus retrograde
July 2018: Held in T Uranus-Pluton-Mars
October 2018: Saturn enters Scorpio
6 November 2018: Mercury retrograde
December 21, 2018: winter solstice and the great galactic alignment

A very active year 2018 is awaiting you.

Coming in November in Virgo, Mars must have given you an impetus as early as 2011 and it will keep you plugged in by July 2018. Mars tells you the need to initiate, act, debug or fight, give you energy and courage , Stimulates your ambition, leadership abilities, decision-making spirit.

To capitalize on these attributes, you need a motivation, purpose, stake. Otherwise, the Martian energy can find its debacle in badly coordinated actions, conflicting, accidents, incidents.

Be especially careful between 24 January and 15 April, when you need calm and caution, and it is not advisable to start something new, buy your car, gear or equipment, get into altercations, practice dangerous sports, drive risky, etc .

Beyond this dynamic backdrop, during April-June 2018, Venus’s transit brings a favorable flow of careers (especially through influential relationships or women), and can make workflow influenced by collaborations or feelings.

The profession is a profit and reward. In June 2018, Jupiter also enters the career house, and the chances of success gain in size and extend until the summer of 2013.

The Great Benefit helps you rise socially, gain authority, prestige and honors. It favors large-scale projects, occupations related to foreign, tourism or multinationals, to administration, to cultural, academic or legislative environments.

The success comes through the support of important characters. June and July 2018 are rewarding months.

Financially, in August 2018 some complications are possible. In October 2018, Saturn comes out of the money house where he spent three years, and the material situation relaxes.

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