Love horoscope 2018 by John Terry

Famous astrologer John Terry from reveals us one of the accurate love astrological prediction for year 2018. Here is the horoscope for every zodiac signs


You will be very conscious of the dynamics of relationships between you and others, especially from the moment the Sun enters March 20, 2018. The month you are celebrated should catch you aware of the needs of a love relationship and how to fulfill them.

You matured and this will be reflected in how you communicate with your partners. The result? You will go through a period of openness, sincerity to each other and a desire to achieve the goals set some time ago. Collaboration between the two of you will bring success to all your plans. Be careful not to hurt your loved one’s feelings, even if you did not have this intention. When you love someone, you have the power to hurt them, but you can also be hurt in turn. Keep only yourself if you abuse this power.

The horoscope for love for Berbeci also says that the biggest transit of the year will happen when Jupiter enters your home of love and long-term relationships. Jupiter will stay here for 9 months, and during this time you will have many opportunities to explore all kinds of relationships. If you are looking for a business partner, Jupiter is most likely to send someone who suits the project that you want to get started. For most of us, the term “partner” refers to love relationships, but still, Aries focuses on other meanings.


Neptune appears in your friendship sector, which could create confusion with your friends. When things seem to get out of control, you will have to be calm and solve everything diplomatically. The best time to connect your friends is between mid-February and mid-March, and then again in December, when friends will bring smiles and good times for you.

Your friends will surprise you with some revelations that will shock you for the moment. They will make some radical and sometimes imprudent decisions that will change over the course of the year. Will you be the moralizing wolf or will you support them? Think very well about the consequences of your decisions and why you share it.

You have to learn how to be tolerant of the things and feelings of other people that they consider important, but it does not mean anything to you.

While Saturn is in the eighth house, your life partner, husband, boyfriend may not feel as attractive anymore because of the way you behave with him or her Lately, or perhaps because of circumstances in your relationship. So, it will not be as easy to have sex, but hopefully it will be temporary.


At the beginning of the year you are surrounded by love and romance. The Horoscope of Love for Gemini in 2018 shows that the planets in the first nine months of the year will be overwhelmed by romance, love and affection. Jupiter, the Planet of Success, will remain in the fifth house until October 2018, so enjoy all the happiness that comes in your way. You must have a nearby fire extinguisher, since sexual attractions can be very lighted and excited when you expect less.

In your case, you know very well that a person’s mind, in addition to physical attraction, is essential for love to last. Prepare to shine like a diamond, because Jupiter enters the area of ​​romance, attraction and pleasure even in January. If you are alone, this will bring you the best time to find a partner. There should be at least one potential contender during the 9 months that Jupiter will be here.

Astrology points out that in 2018 you should have many opportunities to participate in wonderful events – concerts, parties and even meetings where you will stay next to famous people. The time will come to pay attention to your appearance, more than you usually do. Your image will really be very important and the impression you will make will be very important – no matter if you want to impress someone for personal or professional reasons. Do not be afraid to spend more money to change your wardrobe or invest in a new look.


The universal vibration of this year, after the Sun comes into your home in January, is very much focused on increasing security and strengthening close relationships. Family issues are always a priority for you, but they will be even more accentuated this year because Jupiter is in the fourth family home, and will have a stay for over 9 months. The Horoscope of love for Raci in 2018 shows that many natives will make improvements to the homes they live in, reassemble, modernize, move to a larger property or a better neighborhood. You may find that you need more space due to family extension.

With Jupiter in transit, expect love, fun, romance, and kindness to get into your life by October 2018. If you’re going to take a dream vacation, do it in that time. Your life is about to go through a very happy time, with more fun and smiles! Make sure you share your wealth and happiness with others less fortunate.

Maybe love came your way, and small gifts, gestures, were meant to attract your attention. Open your eyes and be aware that you have not lost your sex appeal.

Contrary to your expectations, in 2018 you will spend more time with your children and you will be more anchored in reality. Children are the greatest joy of your life at this time, so you do not want to lose any moment of their life. The dramas, the joys, all the life experiences they go through are part of their growth process and are moments you will never meet again.

During leisure, enjoy movies, go to concerts, theater, special parties and gala events, but do not abuse. You are very tempted to spend money on tickets and entry to events just for the sake of leaving the house, or because a friend has insisted a lot.

You will also have time to enjoy family, loved ones and friends. Tell them how much you love them and do not be embarrassed by the hugs and words of praise. Give them kindness, attention and gifts when they do not expect, and you will get back more than you imagined. In fact, their happiness is the perfect reward.


No matter what reveals January for you when it comes to dealing with others, because a new beginning is not far away. On January 28th, the New Moon enters the seventh house, giving free rein to any beginning: whether you are starting a relationship or entering a new stage in your current relationship, this is the perfect time of year when you should be watching Watch out for long-term relationships – friends, lovers, or business partners. Now is the perfect time to meet the person you long for, to know her very well and to get you moving to get what you want.

According to the stars, love will be a serious game for you this year, especially if you are alone. At first it will be frustrating, because your efforts do not seem to win the heart of anyone, not even your attention. Resist, be patient, because the wheel is spinning and your turn will come.

Leagues who are already involved in a relationship will think about how to make those relationships stronger – a deeper and stronger commitment could be taken into account. Together with love comes a certain responsibility, a concept with which the Lions are very familiar, and that does not scare them at all. Although they are very cold on the outside, this year’s surprises will impress them to tears. They will take down the shield they are protecting and show their feelings to the closest people.


In 2018, Pluto, the Planet of Power and Regeneration, is in the libido sector. Sexual desires will be present throughout the year, but do not use this advantage to advance. You will find that what works in the bedroom does not apply everywhere.

Your partner or loved one may move away from you or turn into a person you do not know, which you are not used to, and it is the perfect time to gather the bonds between you. He grew up, matured, became wiser, and you were not paying attention to these changes. Whatever the cause of these changes, be careful and do not miss any important moment.

Your love story will get a blow from Pluto and Neptune in the seventh month

The easiest way to understand this is to think of it as an envelope. Inside the envelope is a gift. You are invited by the universe to open the envelope and discover your gift. For those who are alone, you can connect with someone you feel attracted instantly and with whom you have an affinity that transcends the physical world. You will have the feeling that you know each other in advance, although you have not met before.

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