Horoscope for February for each sign of the zodiac

Do not continue traveling this month without first knowing what the zodiac stars predict for you. Astrologer Alicia Contursi did a study of the sky and made predictions for the shortest month of the year. Enter the note and see what destiny holds.


– Born between March 20 and April 20.
A month with many initiatives, where you will recover from energy drops and lack of motivation. From day 3, she has the visit of Venus, the psychoastral force of love, good interpersonal relationships and emotional life. Your magnetism will be increased throughout the month. Great capacity for attraction and seduction and skills for conquest. Good mood and joy of living. Around the 17 strong inclination to happily finalize affective commitments.

Good time for formalizations. Excellent action energy from 4 onwards. Good for sports, physical activities and sex life. It will be time to take back work or face activities that require strength and strength. Until the 18th will live good opportunities in your life of social relationship and you can spend very good times with your friends. Increasing optimism and good opportunities to display your ingenuity. In economic matters, sales, movement of money, studies, presentations, short trips and social communication, you must wait until the 14th so that obstacles and delays disappear. Also to overcome an inclination to make mistakes and mistakes.

From that date on excellent concretions, good business and agility in the proceedings. Open possibility for long trips. Advances in judicial matters. Deep changes for those born in the first deanery (21 to March 31) Psychological competence and situations of personal domination. For those of the third (born from April 10 to 20) great inspiration and intuitions.


Born between April 20 and May 20
Conflicting moment of the year in which he must control his strong temper and frequent bursts of bull. Impatience, arrogance and intolerance can complicate or generate greater difficulties. The key: to restrain the impulses and to work tolerance and respect for the actions and the will of the other. Until the 14th you can move easily and positively in economic matters, sales and money issues.

Take advantage to carry out procedures and to perform diligences, give exams or make presentations. After the 14 tendency to mistakes or distractions that can complicate it in these matters. From the 14th to the 18th critical moment of professional or work complications that will not be solved through dialogue. Refrain so as not to go over and postpone decisions. From the 18th onwards, the matters that it carries forward will flow unhindered. Good opportunities in your social life and with friends. The love life and affective relationships will be in a moment of inner transformation and will not be shown exhaustively.

Tendency to loves not confessed or not publicly manifested. Indoor diving and search for peace. Those of the first deanery (born between April 20 and 30) are living processes of positive and deep inner renewal and spiritual, religious, artistic or philosophical search. The second (from May 1 to 10) sudden changes that will open new opportunities and change in social relationships. The third (May 11 to 21) tendency to self-deception or utopian searches.


Born between May 20 and June 21
Up to the privileged 18 days: great energy, clarity of goals and objectives, happy facts, possibility of travel, good opportunities, general protection against major ills, exalted spirit, enthusiasm and mental positivity.

Good luck and happy facts. The sustained energy, its good use and control will continue throughout the month. In matters of love and emotional relationships, very good time. Joy, good mood and well-being. Tendency to variation and lack of commitment. His need to experience different relationships and explore new possibilities will lead him not to commit and permanently prioritize his freedom and autonomy.

Avoid problems Danger of dissipation and diversification of energies and purposes. From the 14 awakened intelligence, sharp mind and increased critical capacity. From the 14th to the 18th, take the opportunity to complete sales, business, contract signatures, agreements and legal proceedings. The 17 decisive and cutting actions will benefit you. From the 18th, obstacles will appear in their plans; You can overcome them with intelligence and luck. 21, 22 and 23 lucky facts and good concretions. 24 and 25 postpone important commitments.

Those of the first deanery (born between 10 and 30 May) are the most fortunate, optimistic and graceful. The second (from June 1 to June 10) the most mobilized by unforeseen events and burdens of great responsibility, with emotional ups and downs. The third (from June 11 to 21) the most inspired, creative and intuitive.


Born from June 21 to July 22
It will be a month with greater energy serenity and absence of confrontations due to impatience. But they are moving very deep forces that will transform their lives in a structural way. They are long processes.

Until the 14th, you must be careful and careful not to make mistakes, mistakes or carelessness that may harm you in practical life, money, paperwork, diligences, removals, short trips and studies. Tendency to distraction and haste to draw conclusions. Avoid arguments, especially for theoretical issues or past situations. After that date the investments and the money of the spouse or partner will be favored. From the 18th you will enter a very positive period of increase of personal energy, sensitivity and emotion, with a greater clarification of goals and objectives. Recovery of forces. Increased vitality and health.

Excellent for undertaking activities from the 25th. Throughout the month Venus will increase personal magnetism and the desire to relate but will not always conclude favorably. Situations of affective discontent or unresolved expectations will be created. This applies to the area of ​​family and social affections and especially in relationship matters. Those of the first deanery (born from June 21 to 30) will have to face and resolve deep questions in their interpersonal relationships and will have a great increase in the perception of their problems.

Those of the second deanery (from June 1 to 10) will receive recognition for their actions and will see their lives renewed positively. Go to https://www.yearly-horoscope.org/february-2018-monthly/ and read the horoscope for all zodiac signs.

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