How to Develop Your Psychic Energy Readings

Psychic reading or energy is the ability to read and interpret the presence of energy in front of you. It is like reading a book. If sensitivity is the first affected by this ability, other complements reading energies (empathy, telepathy, and clairvoyance …)

In the context of reading energy, there is no secret: it takes experience.
And experience is acquired through exercise on energy for example, or in confrontation with people

Attention to the nuance of feeling of power and precision of it.
The power of feeling, not metered leads to hypersensitivity (which is achieved to varying degrees depending on the individual), and perception is sustained, violent, as allergen. The accuracy it informs, and it is accomplished, it can be more detailed in perception.
A good psychic stability (identity), combined with a good anchorage is needed before the development of reading energy and are maintained throughout the development time and after.

Work the universal energies:

The first and most important thing is to know already that we read. To do this, not necessarily need to go far: it is to know the energy in general and fundamental.
You can start by working on the four elements and their attributes, through the study of these elements, the feeling they provoke in you:

Take a candle, a glass of water, incense (or if you have wind in your garden), and the earth,
Spend 5 minutes on each object to feel the energy emitted force it evokes, the way you perceive (physical feeling, odor, sound, sight, touch …).

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You can develop this feeling by several means:
– Meditation, working to try to feel, define the energy that you faced
– By running your hand over the item, palm facing element,
– By practicing using the pendulum (that is, that the guide via your perception through the subconscious), working blindly to determine which element is in another room, or where, then checking. Once you are able to recognize these four types of energy to the blind, you can proceed to the next step:

How to know the planetary energies:

Here, connections and analogies will be useful, the use of Kabbalah as well as astrology.
There is talk of study through reading and deepening energy using you everyday to feel the planetary energies:
A week, every day, take the time corresponding to the global warming of the day, and use you to feel involved, working on energy analogies (e.g. mercury, knowledge, air, mathematics, Kabbalah)

Learn to recognize its energies:

The second step: know either. Being able to read the other is to know its own borders. And to be able to read each other, we must first know the general constitution of the human being.

We can start internally:
7 chakras through meditation practice and study of these energies.
Understand their attributes, strengths, the nature of their energy, what are they related to what elements…
This requires a regular meditation practice (daily would be ideal).
Make sure you start with the root up to the crown.
Can deepen if you have a solid experience of the chakras, studying the energies of secondary chakras.

Once the chakras understood and acquired, you can proceed to step subtle body.
Begin by looking at your astral body and mind. What they are, their structures, practices and roles.

I recommend the discovery of causal to all beginners and even the accomplished.
Do not try to work on the subtle body, especially if you do not have the habit of working your personal energy.
Meditation you can take the time to feel your energy around you, environment, collect the subtlety between the astral and mental.