Yearly Horoscope 2018 for Virgo – the main predictions for 2018

Virgos will experience a hectic year, full of chaos, because their lives will be many changes, some pleasant, others unpleasant. In order to get past the busy times, which will not be few in number, you have to stay focused on your goals and not give up, even if it gets harder and harder. Saturn will cross your zodiac sign throughout the year, so this planet is “to blame” for the misfortune you will have. Discover a more detailed virgo 2018 horoscope on .

Virgos will meet at various times throughout the year with favorable contexts to develop romantic relationships. Virgo who are alone will have the chance to find their mate and the affection that they were after. Relationships starting in the first part of the year will be more likely to develop into something serious and last longer. Virgo, however, will have to find a balance between life in the couple and career or social life.

In terms of career environment and office life, Virgo will focus in the coming year on improving collegiate relationships. Teamwork will have more prolific results than the projects they will do on their own, so Virgins will realize that it is very important to get along well with colleagues in the office. For some of the Virgins, there is the possibility of a change in career, while for others salary increases and promotions are very possible in 2018.

The portrayal of magazines that portrays Virgo as a superordinate person with a solid bank account and a clean bathroom makes many natives laugh in laughter. Virgo is generally misunderstood. Or that disturbs them, especially if they are disordered and it is indifferent to them that they reach the meeting one minute before or about fifteen after the set time.

It is often said that they split the thread into four. And they are just seduced by the start of analyzing all that’s happening in their lives in the white cloth. It’s true, but it’s not complete. Virgo Natives are endowed with natural talent for synthesis. Analysis is just the first step. Both their problems and their successes emerge from the deep desire to bring things together, to unite knowledge and experience to create a meaningful one.

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With Virgos, not everything is visible from the first shot of the eyes. I hate to reveal their secrets until I know exactly what the situation is. He prefers to learn, to retain his observer advantage, not to risk, to act. Because they hide so much, their own inner universe seems to be the most difficult piece in the puzzle.

Did you have a colleague, a virgin colleague and you put them on a nerd? Careerist? Have! With a zodiac governor like Mercury, the god of intelligence and communication, it is normal that they are always eager to learn new things, especially if they are useful. If one thing can not be used, he gives up without being thrilled, terrifying the sentimental signs. Unfortunately, some Virgins throw away even the romance, because they do not consider it useful.

Feelings get rid of the rigor and the native wants it. So they feel uncovered when their heart is behaving for reasons that reason does not know them. This is probably what you have read in many descriptions of the Virgo zodiac. What you do not know, perhaps, is that all the rituals that love out of the way natives are a way to keep away the “dark forces” of their own emotions.

Inside them there is a giant reservoir of sensitivity, poetry and creative abilities. To show that? Never. Their apparent coldness and need for loneliness are strategies they imagine to protect them from an almost painful sensibility. I place the emphasis on practical reality precisely in order to hold back the upward movement of my own soul.

And now the bomb bomb. A remarkable astrologer, by his name, Andre Barbault, put the point on saying that there are two main types of Virgo. Internalized natives, who hide their true nature, repress their feelings, emotions and seem to fit the description of the most common. The prudent virgin to the bustle, careful, like no one else in detail, logical and critical, very calculating and obsessed with the order. Perfectionist and confiscated by the feeling of debt when it comes to work. Devoted etc, etc.

The other natives are rebels, explosives. They live their lives at maximum intensity. Forget the clock, defy discipline, spend money and other resources with widespread, sometimes even inconceivable. They have a strong sexuality, erotism without inhibitions and extraordinary intuition. A, and if you are interested in details about this Virgo typology, Andre Barbault urges you to open his Zodiac to the dedicated pages, guess, to whom? Scorpio.